Boston’s been great, and even better chock-full of arts and poetry readings abound! (This city-town has more colleges and creatives than I could possibly count). What’s more is I was thrilled and energized to participate in a few of them!

September kicked off a rad reading with The Breakwater Reading Series, which I’m helping coordinate this year (I even did a bit of handiwork on a new flyer for the event, seen here). Breakwater is the premier Inter-MFA Reading Series of writers from MFA programs at BU, Emerson and UMass Boston. It meets (usually) the third Friday of every month at Brookline Booksmith– come say hi!

Click here to watch “Americans saying poems they love.”

And to end 2016 on an even more positive note (state of the world and politics aside- I know, I know), the lovely Mr. Pinsky holds his own round up (whenever he can) of an intimate reading for his renown-literary-movement-love-child The Favorite Poem Project.

“The Favorite Poem Project is dedicated to celebrating, documenting and encouraging poetry’s role in Americans’ lives. Robert Pinsky, the 39th Poet Laureate of the United States, founded the Favorite Poem Project shortly after the Library of Congress appointed him to the post in 1997.”

So a group of us [lucky] past and present students got together for a wonderful evening of reading poems we love in homage to their life. After all, as Robert says “The medium of a poem is the breath, and the instrument is our body.” [paraphrasing]. If you haven’t yet, definitely spend some time looking into FFP, it’s worth it, I promise.

More to come in 2017!