Well hey there, it’s been a while. After a long, wild, amazing ride living, growing and learning the past 10.5 years in New York City, it is with bittersweet tidings I have said farewell to the Dirty Apple, a place that now feels as much a home and piece of me as ever. Alas, it is also with utter joy and excitement I say hello to Boston! Zora and I have just arrived having whole-heartedly accepted the incredible offer (from one Mr. Robert Pinsky no less) to come and get my MFA at the absolutely incredible Poetry program at Boston University.

Despite enjoying my ventures into the business world the last 8 years, I hadn’t been writing much at all and it just didn’t feel right. We get one life and writing, I’ve decided, is much of how I’d like to spend my time in it. And I now have the utter privilege to spend this year nerding out on poetry and literature with 7 other writing talents as we all intimately study under Robert Pinsky, Dan Chiasson, Gail Mazur and Karl Kirchwey. Cheers to a new adventure back in the saddle with writing as a way of life.

More to come xA